Tuesday, April 21, 2009

C.S.A.: Confederate States of America

This was a film that was hard to grasp considering the contrast between comedy and the utter disbelief of the topic of slavery. Oftentimes it seems that our country has a difficult time talking about slavery and its impact it has created throughout our country. Although slavery seems very far off from my generation, it really hasn't been that long since African Americans were free. This film dealt with the concept of what the world would be like if the South had won the civil war. Although it was consumed with a great deal of humor, it is a very scary concept to think about. What would the war be like if there were slaves? It's extremely hard to consider since much of my generation is much more accepting of different beliefs and have a contrasting belief to the people during that era. The interesting thing about the film, is that although is it not factual, there are a great deal of events and products that were prevalent during that time. That is what made this film so believable and all the more scary to picture. Prior to this class I never heard of this film, but I think it is an important contribution to the notion of slavery. I find our country to frequently dismiss the idea of slavery, and we need more pieces to contribute to our understanding of this extensive and intrusive era in history.

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