Monday, March 23, 2009

"I Think It's a Pain Cry"

After Professor Snyder's talk, I was very interested in the different portrayals of pain within art. It was amazing to see the reaction from one of the women who attended the lecture since she was genuinely convinced that this type of art was completely useless and uneccessary. I think this pain is so interesting because of the very fact that it is controversial. Although many believe that shooting oneself in public, or cutting oneself is not a form of "art," I slightly disagree. I do believe there needs to be a line drawn eventually for what constitutes as art, but I think this type of performance is very powerful. Some of these acts are very personal and so it intrigues me to be given a glimpse into that person's life; into their pain. Although we have read about various stories of pain, we all like to believe it is an individual experience, yet this art helps make an individual experience a public display. I think it is necessary in understanding our world and those in it. Overall I found Snyder's lecture a very interesting one. He opened up my eyes to various forms of art I would never have seen otherwise.

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