Friday, February 27, 2009

The Pain of Human Subjectivity: Desire and Mourning in Celestina

In Dr. Ealy's presentation, he spoke of the element of desire within a famous play entitled Celestina. It was interesting to hear of the dynamic that desire played within this work, but also the broader understanding of desire as a whole. He discussed how desire is a human trait which cannot be fulfilled. As humans we create a desire for something and it is merely an image of this want that motivates us, yet it can never be fulfilled because it is simply the image of this desire that we seek. It's a very interesting concept because I have never thought of desire in this way. Predominantly I have seen desire as a successful influence for motivating people and as a society we often associate being motivated as a positive thing. Many people work hard towards their goals, but are not satisfied. Why is this? Do we think this desire is going to fill that void, or will it create the outcome that we assume will follow? According to Dr. Ealy it will not. A desire for something is merely a facade or false belief in that thing. When we want something we usually have a set disposition that we think we will get once we acquire that thing, but oftentimes it is not the case.

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