Sunday, November 23, 2008


For some reason this book was difficult to get through. Due to the grammatically incorrect layout of the novel, I found it hard to really allow myself to dive in. I was focused more on the grammer rather than the text. Although I know this was the intention of the book, in order to show the reader a more in depth glimpse of what life was like for Precious, I think it took away from the emotional aspect of what she was going through. It was such a shame to hear of such a young girl being sexually abused by her own father, and physically abused by her mother. Both have contributed to her emotional abuse I believe, and her neglect as a human being. It's a shame that she was unable to receive positive reinforcement by her parents, but rather a destructive chain of events.

The worst part is that she is unaware of the full capacity of what is right and wrong. With her fathers sexual abuse, she says she hates it, yet it feels good sometimes. As for her mother, she gets verbally and physically abused, yet she finds similarities of herself with her mother. Overall she has a difficult time in understanding the events that have taken place in her life, and how those events have shaped who she has become. Although she has been faced with a great deal of pain, she learns to overcome some of this pain and this gives the book a sense of hope.

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